Yeuh! :O

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OMG <3

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Hey Dada. I love you theme. Did you make it your own? Its very colorful and yet the color is soft. God bless. :) Nice blog there. ♥ letssinghallelujah

Hello, Chloe. :) Thanks! Yes, I designed this theme. :3 I like soft and colorful layouts. Thank you, Chloe! :”>

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Season 2’s freaking next week. Oh My… Gleeks. So excited!

Glee ;
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So, don’t hurt me. :”<

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First day of tumblr. is over :) Good night! :*

Tumawag na si Harold, sleep na kami. :”>

quote ;
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Badeng!! :) Kelan kpa nagTumblr? :) Promote kita, okay lang? ^^ itseverythingnice

Haha! BADENG!! IMY :* Kaninang tanghali lang. :)) Napilit ako ni keith, eh. :P

sure, sure. thanks, Badeng! :”>

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I love you. :”>

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